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Epilog Laser Engraver/Cutter

Prevent problems and extend the life of your Epilog Laser Engraver/Cutter with Keystone’s “Epilog Preventive Care Maintenance Program.”

A factory-trained Keystone Prototyping Solutions technician will perform the following preventive maintenance on your machine:


  • Remove ALL Access covers from engraver, prior to starting the checks and services
  • Review with customer current condition of machine. Cover how improvements in routine maintenance can improve and/or extend machine life.

Clean and Inspect (C/I) the following items:

  • Chassis
  • Window
  • E-Stop functionality, if applicable
  • Table Assembly
  • Vector grid
  • Engraving surface (table or task plate)
  • Table lift Jack screws, 1 on each side.
  • Table lift pinch rollers
  • Table lift drive belt
  • Table lift motor
  • Rulers
  • Ensure alignment with rail
  • Ensure square to each other
  • Door hinges (if applicable)
  • Window hinges
  • Air Exhaust plenum, hose and exhaust fan


  • Remove rail cover
  • C/I Air assist tubing
  • C/I X-Axis flex cable
  • C/I X-Axis encoder strip
  • C/I linear guide
  • Lubricate linear guide
  • C/I X-Axis drive belt
  • C/I X-Axis motor pulley
  • C/I X-Axis home switch
  • Update X-Motor configuration if applicable
  • Ensure that X-Axis is square in the machine

Controller Board:

  • Clean Heat Sinks on control board
  • Verify operation of LED’s


  • C/I Y-Axis linear guide or rails
  • C/I Y-Axis flex cable
  • C/I Y-Axis home switch
  • C/I Y-Axis encoder strip, if applicable
  • C/I Y-Axis belts
  • C/I Y-Axis drive belt


  • C/I display assembly
  • Ensure operation of ALL display panel buttons
  • Ensure operation of rotary knob, both inner and outer ring, if applicable
  • Ensure operation of Data LED if applicable
  • Ensure operation of Pointer LED if applicable

Laser Assembly:

  • Remove all laser access panels
  • C/I Laser heat sinks
  • C/I laser cooling fans
  • C/I RF heat sinks, if applicable
  • C/I RF cooling fans, if applicable
  • C/I laser optics
  • C/I Red dot pointer optics


  • C/I Engravers Mirrors
  • C/I Engravers Lens
  • C/I Engravers Optical Window

Operations (optional):

  • Set Rotary Home
  • Re-align laser
  • Align Red Dot pointer
  • Set Auto Focus
  • Set Manual Focus Gauge

NOTE: Any additional parts and labor will NOT be included in the initial PCM visit, and labor cost estimates will be sent to the customer for approval before any additional work will begin.

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