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Forest Scientific LuthierMax Series Guitar Making CNC Routers

The LuthierMax Series of CNC routers was designed for guitar making in collaboration with engineers from Fender® Guitars (who are using this model) and to make this machine user friendly and robust.

Proudly made in the USA.

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Fixtures built into the table to make it easy to machine your own guitar necks and bodies for both standard size and longer base guitars. This is the largest fully assembled CNC router that fits through a standard 36” door. Travels X49″ Y20″ Z8.5″

Floor space is approximately 76″ x 34″

All models except the ATC model use 110V -normal wall outlet electric. Servo & ATC models have a larger footprint that will not fit through the 36” door opening.

Visit the Forest Scientific website.

LuthierMax CNC Router Models:

  • LuthierMax CNC Router 110V, 20A
  • LuthierMax CNC Router Hy Servo
  • LuthierMax PRO with ATC CNC Router

LuthierMax Options:

  • Vacuum Table System
  • Guitar Making Class Start-up Kit
  • Guitar Making CNC Bit Kit
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