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Roland VersaStudio BN-2 Series Printer/Cutters

The Roland VersaStudio BN2 Series Printer/Cutters are the perfect desktop printers for small businesses, home studio use, or for your print shop. Vibrant, professional quality prints, faster print speeds, integrated print/cut functionality, and a choice of media are just a few of the features that will have you excited to print signs, decals, heat-transfer graphics, wall and window art, and much more!

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The Best Just Got Better

The new Roland VersaStudio BN2 Series builds upon the impressive features that made the original BN the best-selling desktop print and cut device on the market. Along with all the great features of the original, the new BN2 Series offers a print/cut solution with included design software, and many other enhancements.

Optimal Print Settings for Media

Profiles with optimal setting information for each media type included

Excellent Outdoor Durability

High-quality eco-solvent inks provide excellent outdoor durability.

Utility Software

Intuitive access to features such as printer setup, maintenance, and sheet cutting.

Media Set Support Functions

Automatically absorbs inserted media during media setup. Suppresses skewed media and supports easy and accurate setup operations.

Automatic Sensor Adjustment

Automatic fine-tuning of printer settings according to media ensuring professional-quality prints.

New Sheet Cut Function

No manual cutting required! Easily cut media when you’re done printing with a push of a button.

Print and Cut with Ease

The next-generation BN2 Series offers the same great image quality, versatility, and affordability of the original BN, plus significantly faster print speeds, improved contour cutting, additional efficiency and convenience features, a new space-saving design, front-loading inks and media, and more.

Features include:
  • Integrated Print and Cut – Advanced print technology allows you to print and cut complex contour graphics in one simple, seamless automated workflow.
  • Professional Quality – High-definition print heads and inks offer excellent color reproduction and photographic quality. Small text and fine details are also easily achieved.
  • High Productivity – The new and improved BN2 Series print 4 times faster than the previous generation.
  • Starter Price – A price point that’s affordable for start-ups and small businesses, and includes design and output software takes your operation to the next level.
  • Easy to Use – New design and user features simplify operation, so that even beginners can quickly begin producing high quality graphics.
  • Compact Size – The small footprint fits on most desktops, while the new front access for inks and media keeps most maintenance in the front of the printer.
  • FlexiDESIGNER VersaSTUDIO Edition Software – New bundled design and output software is easy, intuitive, and provides an array of useful tools for creating shapes, text, and effects.
  • Included VersaWorks 6 Output Software – Every BN2 device comes with VersaWorks 6 to help optimize output and streamline printing.
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