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UltiMaker S7 and S7 Pro Bundle 3D Printers

The UltiMaker S7 and S7 Pro 3D printers are the most advanced printers in UltiMaker’s S Series. These versatile tools combine user-friendliness with flexibility, allowing you to explore new materials and applications. Compatible with up to 280 materials, even some third-party filaments, the S7 and S7 Pro give you the freedom to create just about anything you can imagine.

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Introducing the UltiMaker S7 and S7 Pro – everything you love about the award-winning S5… Even better.

The UltiMaker S7 and S7 Pro Bundle take 3D printing experience to the next level. Packed with UltiMaker’s latest technology, the S7 includes an integrated Air Manager, flexible build plate, and fully automatic bed leveling. So you can 3D print high-quality parts and models more easily and reliably – from the first layer to the last.

Keystone Prototyping Solutions UltiMaker S7 3D Printer

UltiMaker S7

The UltiMaker S7 builds upon the success of its predecessor, the S5, with enhanced reliability and connectivity. Equipped with inductive sensor-enabled bed leveling and an integrated Air Manager, it ensures flawless initial layers and optimal temperature regulation throughout printing. Run-out and fan bracket sensors prevent interruptions by pausing prints and notifying users of filament shortages or potential clogs.

Seamlessly integrated into the UltiMaker platform, it offers access to tools like the UltiMaker Digital Factory and Academy for secure print management and learning opportunities. With features like NFC material recognition and a high-resolution internal camera, setup and monitoring are effortless. The S7’s open filament system allows for a wide range of materials, while its large build volume and flexible build plate cater to diverse printing needs.

It’s All in the Details

Flexible Build Plate – A unique PEI coating allows quick and easy print removal, without the need for glue. Remove your part, then simply snap the plate back into place.

Inductive Sensor – Probes the build plate with less electrical noise and more accuracy. Now you can truly start a print and walk away – confident in a perfect first layer.

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Keystone Prototyping Solutions UltiMaker S7 Pro 3D Printer on white background

UltiMaker S7 Pro Bundle

Do you want to add even more power and capabilities to your UltiMaker S7? Upgrade your system with 3x the material capacity, automated filament handling, and a humidity-controlled storage unit for a true manufacturing powerhouse capable of 24/7 printing.

What makes the Pro Bundle Pro?

Automatic Material Handling – Leave your printer unattended without the worry of running out of materials. Easily load the spools into the Material Station, and gain the ability to switch out any spool not in use during printing.

Hassle-free Storage – The Material Station not only helps to manage your materials, but also keeps humidity in check, allowing you to realize more 3D printing applications with almost any combination of polymers and abrasive composites.

Breathe Easy – UltiMaker’s Integrated Air Manager removes up to 95% of ultrafine particles, providing more peace of mind while printing. But wait! There’s more! The fully enclosed build chamber also boosts print quality by regulating temperatures.

Download the S7 Pro Bundle Info Sheet

Additional Features

Print with 280+ materials

Tried and tested. The wide variety of materials compatible with the UltiMaker S7 series have went through thousands of hours of printing by their manufacturers and users to guarantee high quality and limitless potential for your printing applications.

Keystone Prototyping Solutions woman working on laptop showing UltiMaker S7 Cura Software

Cura integration – Fast and successful printing, plus intent profiles, remote printing, and more!

Keystone Prototyping Solutions UltiMaker S Series Printers in a row

Backwards file compatibility – Already a S5 owner? No worries! Your S5 print files will work flawlessly – no reslicing needed.

Keystone Prototyping Solutions UltiMaker S7 3D Printer Anti Flood Sensor on Print Head

Anti-flood Sensor – A redesigned print head detects potential flooding earlier, and stronger magnets assist in keeping the print core door closed.


Give your S7 even more capabilities with the UltiMaker Metal Expansion Kit, UltiMaker Print Cores, and UltiMaker PVA Removal Station.

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